How Loud is Your Leadership?

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How Loud is Your Leadership?

Ever notice how a really great song always has an optimal listening volume?  If it’s a little too loud, it can begin to feel like noise, if it’s a little too quiet, well you just know you are missing something.  

We all have strengths that we rely on to maintain our forward momentum.  They are well used skills and attributes that define who we are and are the foundation for our success.  BUT the old adage of having too much of a good thing can certainly apply to leadership skills and your strengths can begin to get in your way if you aren’t paying attention to the volume. (more…)

Become A Great Communicator

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A while back I picked up a quote from leadership guru, Peter M. Senge (author, The Fifth Discipline ) that made me really  think about the nature of conversation and communication.  I have always enjoyed a good discussion,  but Senge pointed out that the word “discussion”  is rooted in the words “percussion”  and “concussion” …. he characterized a discussion as the “literal heaving of ideas back and forth in a winner takes all competition.” (more…)