If the daily grind is getting in the way of strategic thinking, if you are struggling to break free of the status quo or if conflict is more common than collaboration,  a facilitated team session may be the catalyst to refocus and re energize.

Why Hire a Facilitator?

Strategic planning discussions  can be challenging,  even for the most successful organizations.  If you are looking to truly capitalize on your team’s  knowledge the presence of a facilitator can be essential to meeting your goals.

Discussions that involve personal (and organizational) values, goals and deeply held beliefs can easily degenerate into polarized debates over what is right and wrong.  All too often, strategic discussions are derailed by the  encroachment of operational issues  or a focus on historical management approaches.  Even the most skilled leaders can find it challenging to remain objective when managing critical strategic discussions.

An external  facilitator carries no organizational baggage, has no involvement in the network of interpersonal relationships and can objectively maintain a forward thinking, strategic focus.

Skilled facilitators will:

  • create an environment that encourages imaginative thinking  and allows for a variety of viewpoints.
  • ensure that all members of the team are equal participants and will not allow dominant personalities to drive the discussion
  • provide an objective approach that can act as a catalyst for resolution of sensitive issues.
  • maintain focus and engagement of the group even in complex situations

  • create opportunities for deeper analysis of key discussion items.
  • establish clarity and commitment regarding action items.

When working with a facilitator you will also find that opposing viewpoints will not be discouraged and, in fact, may be encouraged if the opposition contributes to establishing greater clarity or a broader understanding of the situation. When managed with professionalism and respect, opposition can act as a catalyst for innovation and positive change.

Who Can Benefit?

Every organization needs to think strategically.

Whether you have two employees or two thousand, whether you are Fortune 500 or non-profit, opening the door to innovation and objective strategy development is critical to your success.   If you are struggling to clearly see where  your organization is headed, professional facilitation can help you get there.