Workshops and Training

Workshops and Training

ClearPoint understands the power of collaboration.  We also know that collaboration is a skill to be learned, developed and mastered. We provide customized training, workshops and speaking engagements that are focused on building better collaborative skills at all levels of your organization.

Great communication fosters great collaboration which in turn creates environments of learning and innovation.   What better environment for great results!  If you are committed to elevating  your teams performance take the opportunity to learn what it really takes to become a great communicator and an exceptional collaborator.


Workshops,  Team Coaching and Speaking Engagements 

Discover the keys to becoming a Responsive, Effective, Authentic Leader.

Create momentum, facilitate transitions or encourage open dialogue with facilitated workshops targeted at improving  communication, building more productive relationships and fostering collaboration.

Workshops or team coaching are fully customized to meet specific client objectives.


Kick-Start Strategy Sessions: 

For teams of up to ten people,  3-hour professionally facilitated sessions are designed to act as a spring board for your strategic planning.  Reaffirm your vision,  sharpen your focus, engage your team and clarify ‘what’s next’.   Learn more…


Comprehensive Strategy Development 

Need more than a kick-start?  ClearPoint provides a comprehensive development approach that will allow you to build and implement your business strategy from the ground up.   Take the opportunity to explore  all of your options!


Strength Deployment Inventory ™

SDI_Qual_RGB letters only

For over 35 years the SDI process has been used globally by leading organizations that understand the critical connection between productive working relationships and bottom line results. Facilitated SDI sessions help leaders and teams at all organizational levels focus on how they communicate and work with one another and allows them to deploy individual and team strengths in light of current business needs. The end result is reduced conflict, increased collaboration and trust and more productive working relationships. Learn more …


360 Degree Feedback Assessments:

Evaluate your leadership through a different lens. ClearPoint offers fully customized 360 Degree Feedback Assessments that will shed new light on how you influence those you work most closely with. Gain valuable insight into your leadership approach and learn to fully leverage the feedback from your peers, staff and colleagues.  Learn more …


The right fit is important!

All working partnerships begin with no-obligation consultations that are intend to ensure that my services will fully meet your needs.

Professional development is a process that requires focus, commitment and a desire to invest in your potential. By implementing an integrated approach you can open the door to improved performance, greater resilience and more effective leadership skills.

Create your own learning culture that includes opportunities for greater self-awareness, development of new skills and reinforcement of new behavior.