Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching as a professional development tool is gaining momentum.  With good reason. Not only can coaching help to define goals and action plans, but it can also act as a mechanism to anchor and reinforce learning from many different areas of the workplace.

Comprehensive skill development, behavior change or shifts in approach can be tough to achieve when an organization relies only on stand-alone training sessions. HOWEVER, training in combination with professional coaching is proven to improve learning outcomes by more than 60%.


Leadership coaching engagements provide an ideal forum to consolidate, clarify and maximize your learning from many aspects of your business and personal life.  Coaching can help you to improve communications, support training, facilitate change initiatives or remove the blockages that are hindering your success.  Coaching provides the opportunity to fully understand your environment and provides you with valuable insight on how to move forward effectively and decisively.

Whether linked to a broader training initiative or offered as a stand alone development option, coaching provides endless opportunities for growth and insight …


Build an understanding of your team dynamics and identify effective strategies to foster collaboration, innovation and learning.


Identify your individual and collective motivational drivers and develop mechanisms to maintain resilience and momentum even when the going gets tough.


Clarify your values, your vision and define the culture you want to foster.


Become adept at focusing on what works (rather than struggling to fix what doesn’t) and learn to recognize internal and external barriers that impact your performance.


Develop attainable, realistic goals that compliment organizational objectives and learn to identify mental models or processes that may be contributing to roadblocks and poor performance.


Challenge yourself and your team to embrace a professional development approach that goes deeper than developing basic workplace skills. Become truly resilient, fully leverage your talents and take action to find your missing links.


Options and Opportunities

Focus in Five 

A five-session introductory package that  allows you to experience the value of one-on-one coaching.   Sessions provide the opportunity for you to focus on your priorities, develop attainable goals and explore the keys to achieving clarity, focus  and excellence! 

Extended Leadership/Executive Coaching Engagements

For those who are looking to dig deep and are taking steps toward personal mastery,  extended coaching arrangements  are the key.   Regularly scheduled sessions over a minimum 6 month period will allow you to build on successes and maintain your momentum.

360 Degree Feedback Assessments:

Evaluate your leadership through a different lens. ClearPoint offers fully customized 360 Degree Feedback Assessments that will shed new light on how you influence those you work most closely with. Gain valuable insight into your leadership approach and learn to fully leverage the feedback from your peers, staff and colleagues.  Learn more …

All coaching engagements start with a no-obligation consultation that is designed to help you determine the right course of action and set the stage for success.



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